The easy-to-use, secure HIPAA-compliant geocoder

Geocodio was built with the customer's needs in mind from the beginning. No one collects latitude/longitude for the fun of it -- you want to do something with it. Make a map. Find new business opportunities. Understand broader trends. Geocodio is designed to allow you to get the kind of data you need for sophisticated analysis all in one format so you can work faster.

Addresses are one of the 18 different types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) defined by HIPAA. Unfortunately, most geocoders aren't HIPAA-compliant -- but Geocodio is. And unlike other geocoders, we don't prohibit you from storing or transforming results.


Batch geocoding

Whether you have 100 or 100,000,000 addresses or latitude/longitude pairs, we can help you.

Partial address parsing

Geocodio will automatically add missing components to an address and can parse complex addresses such as intersections.

Flexible Terms of Use

Use the results however you want. Data can be stored and cached without restrictions.

Spelling correction

Geocodio will automatically correct minor typos and inconsistencies.

Address normalization

Geocodio breaks addresses into standardized, individual components in a consistent format.

Data Appends

Optionally enrich your address data with additional details, all available through our API and spreadsheet upload tool.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC

Address Normalization

Geocodio will intelligently parse any query and correct spelling and naming errors on all components of the address query, including missing or incorrect directionals, suffixes, and prefixes.

Only have a zip code and want city and state? Or do you need to geocode an intersection? For all queries, geocoding will complete the address with additional fields such as city, state, zip code, and county.


109 Highland, ARLINGTON ViRGiNo

Market and 4th, San Francisco

Taking the hassle out of HIPAA-compliant geocoding

  • Batch geocode PHI and PII
  • Reverse geocode PHI and PII
  • Geocode and reverse geocode spreadsheets with PHI and PII
  • Geocode and reverse geocode via API with PHI and PII
  • Get Congressional and state districts for PHI and PII
  • Find Federal Senate/House contact information for PII
  • Match PHI and PII to school districts
  • Add timezones to PHI and PII