We protect your data.

Data transfer

All data on the Geocodio platform, internally and externally, is transferred securely via HTTPS. Data in transit is also protected with firewalls and isolated networks.


All data is transmitted through our cluster at a HIPAA-compliant datacenter in the US. Our infrastructure is distributed across multiple data centers, operated by the same company for full redundancy.

Data storage

We never share your data with third parties. We do not access uploaded files or address data associated with API requests for any purpose. Geocoded files are stored securely in the US and any address data is always encrypted.

You can permanently delete a file at any time via the HIPAA Geocod.io dashboard.


Please read our full Terms of Use. The Privacy Policy is outlined in the "Privacy Policy" section.

User Security

Geocodio+HIPAA accounts have additional security features, including:

  • 15-minute inactivity kickouts to prevent unauthorized access
  • Team accounts that let you control access for team members, and
  • Audit logging of all access for team members associated with your account